by Monica Bramanti, Beatrice Galimberti, Francesco Magni, Anna B. Rossi, and Alice Tafuri
Urban studies Course, Architecture-Building Architecture M.Sc. II year, Politecnico di Milano, A.Y. 2012-2013
Professor Alessandro Mingolo

During the second part of the course we were ask to set up a design scenario for the whole Northen Italy system.
In order to work at such a wide scale, we decided to envisage a new scenario by defining new figures inquiring the binomial dispersion/concentration, starting from emphasizing positive tendencies we could already see in the present, or changing direction when we faced negative phenomena such as soil consumption, lack of land tenure, lack of connection, and so forth.

current status interpretative reading
Current condition interpretative reading
North of Italy as a dense crossing areas
Design scenario

Our aim was to build a new meaning through an original representation that could suggest a starting point to rethink the present situation.
Asked to work formerly with plans, we decided to use multiple scales in order to have a general view about continental strategic role of North of Italy and, at the same time, to have an idea of which were main issues involved in each territory we considered.

Eight figures inside the territory
Figures inside the territory

We recognized nine different figures inside the territory, each of them was characterized by specific features. Starting from West to East we recognized a polarized net, a productive isotropy, a linear conurbation, one crossing point, an isotropic carpet, aligned densities, a synapsis network, oriented fibres, a coastal metropolis. These figures where put in one general system of connection, thus they aren’t nine different stories but nine connected chapter of the same narrative. We worked on a system able to turn on/turn of, that is to say empower or weaken, it’s part in a flexible way, at the same time we can consider it as a system of communicating vessels.

Scenario strategy zoom-ins
Scenario strategy zoom-ins