foto bea copiaBeatrice Galimberti (1989) completed her studies at Politecnico di Milano (2013, Architecture M.Sc. summa cum laude) and since then she is dividing her time among practice, research, training, and cooperation.

Since 2014, she is working as architect at Operastudio, an architectural firm based in Milan and New York, contributing to worldwide architectural and urban scale projects.
Beatrice collaborates with Politecnico di Milano, where she is research and teaching assistant in several studios and courses, focusing on temporary habitat, public space, and urban design issues. She is also involved in Politecnico di Milano research group Mapping San Siro: an action-research lab in/with San Siro neighborhood in Milan.
Her interests are aimed at partaking and developing innovative and interdisciplinary research and teaching methodologies.
She is part of NGO Architetti Senza Frontiere Italia, Italian chapter of Architectures Sans Frontières International, where she is engaged both on training programmes and live projects (international and local cooperation) with a strong attention to equitable production of the built environment.